Oh hey there. I'm Matthew Cain, a low brass player from Brooklyn, NY. These days, I mostly play tuba and sousaphone, but I've been known to break out a trombone sometimes, when the need arises.

These days, I mostly play with three different groups:

  • Grand Street Community Band, part of the Metropolitan Music Community. MMC gives adult musicians a place to play and grow their skills, and I'm so thankful that they exist. GSCB was the first band I joined in 2014, after spending almost 5 years away from playing music. I am the section leader for valved low brass in GSCB, as well as MMC's webmaster and digital director.
  • City Beats, managed by Gallant Entertainment, Inc, is a drum corps-style marching band (without the marching) that supports the New York City Football Club, New York City's MLS team. We perform before, after, and during NYCFC matches, both inside and outside Yankee Stadium.
  • Funkrust Brass Band, a disco-punk brass band based in New York City. Of the dozens of bands in NYC’s underground brass scene, only one serves up punchy, post-punk influenced dance numbers with the help of a megaphone-enabled vocalist. And that band is Funkrust.

I also play in all sorts of other groups, from brass quintets and jazz combos to orchestras and a freelance horn section. If somebody needs a tuba player, I'll be there.

I got started in music as a kid, as many of us did. I played trombone, then bass trombone, before picking up the tuba in high school. I reluctantly joined the marching band in college, and loved it more than I ever thought possible.

After graduation, the school asked me to come on as interim director, which I did for one football season, teaching music and writing marching drill.

After leaving the marching band, I moved to Washington, DC to pursue a serious career in politics and government service. It didn't work out. 

After I accidentally settled in New York, I found a community in music, and I haven't looked back. I still have my "serious" day job, but I fit as much music in and around that as I can.

There'll be more about me in these pages over the coming weeks, to be sure. Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to say hi if anything here interests you!