Earlier today, I said, "This might be the 4th weirdest gig I've ever played." I was wrong. It's not the 4th.

Tonight, I performed at the Robin Hood Foundation annual gala. This is a big event. They raised more than $54 million to help fight poverty in New York City. In just one night.

But you know how you know it's a really big event? There's a New York Times slideshow of all the celebrities who came out.

The whole theme of the event seemed to be extravagance. It was at the Javits Center, a huge convention hall on the west side. The decorations were incredible. There were performers on roller skates. Dancers with light-up props. Celebrity hosts. And everything had to be huge. 

They wanted a 50-piece marching band to surprise the guests, but that alone wasn't enough. For our parade through the cocktail reception, we were joined by 110 dancers with signs and giant balloons. The parade snaked through the room -- packed with 4,000 people -- to lead the way from the cocktail party to dinner.

Then, after dinner, we went out for a second hit, to play a cheesy high-energy 80's PSA-style song (which I loved) to kick off the speaking portion of the event. From my spot on the floor, I stood about 15 feet from Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez during that song.

As we finished our number, the announcer came on the PA and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome DAVE CHAPPELLE!"

Chappelle was just one of the big name entertainers that night. Miley Cyrus came on for a surprise appearance before the headliner, Coldplay. So, yes, I'm adding "Opened for Coldplay" to my resume.

The best part of the whole event were the costumes. We got these incredible star-print suits to wear. And since we had a few hours to kill between rehearsal and the performance, a few of us walked down the High Line in full costume. People stopped and stared.

What an incredible experience. I'm so tired now. Back to work in the morning!

Updated with more photos!