I'm about to fall asleep, but I just want to get this down. This weekend was thrilling and exhausting. I've never played so many notes in two days, and I feel great about it.

Saturday morning started with my alarm at 6:30am. It was NYCFC game day, so I had call in the Bronx at 8:30. The weather was a little grimy when we got there, but it was supposed to clear up in time for the game.

After sound check and lunch, we went outside for our pregame performance. No sooner had we stepped outside the stadium than it started pouring.

But the show must go on. We played the whole pregame set, then went into the stadium for the game. 

They don't postpone soccer for anything short of lightning, so we didn't get a rest there, either. When we got back inside, the band manager handed out ponchos (purchased from the team store at $9/each), and we took our seats. We played in ponchos for the first half, before heading down to the field for halftime.

For our halftime show, we took off the ponchos and went onto the field. I'm pretty sure that was the height of the downpour, too. We played well, but there was nobody left in the stands to hear us — everyone went in to the concourse to try to stay dry.

The rain mercifully let up for the postgame show. With the newly dry weather and the team coming off a huge comeback win, the crowd had great energy.

Still, I'm not sure my shoes will ever dry out.

After the match, a few of us from City Beats got in a cab to the New York Botanical Garden, where Funkrust was playing for a special event: a special evening opening of their Chihuly exhibit, where all the glass art was lit up with bright lights. I had the chance to walk around a bit before and after our performance, and I'm already planning my next trip up there. So cool.

We were already pretty tired when we arrived at NYBG, but we had a big night ahead — Funkrust was booked to play three sets of 45 minutes each.

The longest Funkrust has ever played in one sitting is one 45-minute set. Now we had to do three. Repertoire wasn't a problem (people were coming and going, so we were able to repeat songs in each set), the problem was chops. Could we play 2+ solid hours of music without our faces falling off? We'd soon see.

The energy from the people at the event gave us a huge boost, and we ended the night feeling great. Well, mostly. My feet were killing me after all that jumping around and dancing. I was so happy to take a cab home that night.

But no rest for the wicked. This morning, I got up pretty early, and after a quick breakfast, picked up the sousaphone again to head down to Coney Island. Funkrust was working on a project down there, and we walked the boardwalk performing for hours on end.

I shouldn't complain, this was my project. I planned the day's schedule, and I knew it would be after a long Saturday. I should have assumed I'd be tired, but no. We went for it anyway.

And I'm so glad we did! The weather was amazing. We had to cancel a few weeks ago because it was rainy and dreary. And even as late as last night, weather reports said there was a 50% chance of rain. But there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was a little windy, but basically perfect.

I'll spare you most of the details (those will come soon, I promise), but the day ended with us walking into the ocean to play one final song. And I have to say, my feet felt so much better after that.

So much better.