This weekend was tough. Every bit of news out of Charlottesville brought some fresh new horror. 

First, it was the literal nazi rally, which was bad enough. Then the domestic terror attack, and the death of a peaceful protester. Then the pathetic response from the people who are supposed to be leading our country was the final straw. 

I don't have anything new or fresh or insightful to say about the rally or the racism that spawned it. I just know that white folks like me have a lot of work to do to dismantle the systemic oppression that's at the root of all of this tension. We can start by talking about it more.

Often when you feel powerless (and that has happened depressingly frequently this year), it helps to create something. Which is why I was so excited to spend all of Sunday in a recording studio with the Anti-Matterhorns working on a new track for the Matthew DeMello Band.

These people brought some joy and laughter to an otherwise bleak weekend, and we created something that will hopefully bring some joy into people's lives. That's important, and sometimes it's all you can do as an artist.

Here's a sneak peak at what we worked on yesterday (and Matthew DeMello's cinematography): 

And now I'm off to a protest near Columbus Circle. Stay safe out there.

The Matthew DeMello Band will be at the Bitter End on Saturday, August 19. I'll be out of town, but you should be there.

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