This week, Funkrust Brass Band played as part of a variety show at Joe's Pub, the intimate venue at the Public Theater in New York. 

Before we walked into the space, I turned on my phone's camcorder. Here's the first song we played, Catch Yr Death:

If you watched to the end, you saw the best part, the spin. Since the band started three years ago, the tubas and bass drum have taken the opportunity presented by a drum break to spin in circles. Here's what that looks like from an audience perspective -- you can see me in the back, with the dragon sousaphone:

It's a fun little move, and I like how in the video you can hear the audience cheer while we do it. 

In a recent performance video, I counted six spins. But to be honest, I have no idea what's happening while I'm doing it. I'm just trying not to fall down.

One more time, just for good measure: